Snap Quiz:

What do these words have in common?

garden, actor, club, shoes, graphics, cheap, bar, zone, clothing, tennis,
boutique, cafe, university, camera, design, furniture, kitchen, photography,
restaurant, theater, photos, expert, recipes, band, gallery, coffee, team

Give up? Think about it, remember you are reading this on the CloudLadder blog.

Not fair scrolling down to look below the fold!

Now you are cooking!

Yes, all these terms are “TLDs”, “top level domains”. Those extension letters that come after the last dot in a website address. You can acquire any of these, and pick from hundreds more, to make your web address more unique. Everybody has a “.com”, but now you can be more imaginative and have URLs like Ludwig.Photos, Ludwig.Gallery, or Ludwig.Keck.Photography.

CloudLadder is proud to add United Domains to our Resources page. They offer a vast selection of domain names, there is surely one there that is just right for your site.