Is your website being slighted by Google and Bing?

Mobile-Friendly sites receive preferential treatment

Google recently announced that mobile-friendly sites would receive preferential treatment and show up ahead of sites that are harder to read and move around in on small hand-held devices. Bing has stated a similar policy.

Small businesses and individuals have a hard enough time getting noticed, this can get them buried pages down in search results. Not being seen means not getting customers. If behooves you to check your site and do some serious spring cleaning.

If you are using WordPress, either a site at or your own hosted site using the “engine”, you are like to be in good shape. Most themes have been made “mobile-friendly” and will render sites acceptable to Google and Bing.

Google-mobile-freindly-testJust to make sure, use this Google Developers site to check yours. Click here: Mobile-Friendly Test

Just enter the web address of your site and let Google analyze it.

The test site offers more detailed analysis and recommendations.

If your site fails the test you receive an result screen something like shown below. (This is one of my sites. You expect me, of course, to have one that fails just so I can illustrate the results. Winking smile)


MobileFriendlyTest-02Google says that this site is “Not mobile-friendly”. It also shows why: Text too small to read. Mobile viewport not set. Links too close together. Content wider than screen. Uses incompatible plugins. In addition to what you see on the illustration above, there are step listed to get you underway to correct and update your site.

The link to the Google Developers site Pagespeed Insights offers tons of additional testing results and a great deal of advise on how to optimize your site.

You want a test result like this:


If you need help, do come on over to, we can provide solutions for you.